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OE (Owen Davis) began his teenage life as homeless, in and out of juvy and dealing with the kinds of trouble that living on the streets bring.

Nevertheless, Owen was passionate about rap and wouldn’t have guessed that he would become a mentor and a sensation for the homeless youth in Australia, appearing on National TV, Radio and touring high schools up and down the coast to raise awareness for youth homelessness as a spokesman for the Salvos and his own initiative, Street 2 Stage.

He has reached hundreds of thousands of people sharing his story and music, not to mention being a central character in Shark Island’s ‘The Oasis” documentary.. OE continues to inspire the next generation with funded outreach programs, inviting and mentoring aspiring rappers with similar pasts into the studio to record their stories and raps. With his production partner and DJ, Micke Morphingaz, OE is set to rise up from the streets and onto the world stage with his debut single DOUBT featuring the vocal, musical and production prowess of teenager, Busky as well as prolific American MC, Deimos.


“I’m lost and I aint there yet / smoking till I’m having trouble breathing in their air then / I’m depressed and I don’t care stressed / well I guess that I could care less / zero pennies that I saved up / I’m getting older in the same slums “

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