“The Asthmatix offer a delightfully zany take on instrumental hip-hop with their blend of jazz, sample-driven electronica and traditional Jewish music.” – Erin Felton (Deaf Ambitions)”

Band members are
Daniel ‘PlaneFace’ Pliner on keys & melodica.

Micha ‘Morphingaz’ Walter on beats & cuts, 

Daniel ‘Weltmachine’ Weltlinger on violin.

The Asthmatix have recorded and toured with a diverse range of great artists since 2007. This group however stands apart from these myriad projects and explores another musical realm in which all kinds of sounds are possible.

The Asthmatix released their first EP, Go Team Go in 2011 which included the 7” vinyl “Latke” and have since been touring through Europe, recording and piecing together their debut album Abacus Earthling, which is due to be released this year.


Our music connected with the audience, because it symbolizes freedom, evoking a powerful image of a tragic history. The traditional melodies in the music are being repurposed and here it feels almost like we are maintaining a culture that was once under serious threat.”