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Eating Music is an independent production house and record label where we co-create music from conception to release and beyond…

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* Learn how to write and produce songs for getting your music placed in Film, TV, games and ads.

* Learn the techniques to reach out authentically to the industry with the aim to monetize your music !

* A packed and FREE 10 week course with industry guests, tips and Insights into the business of getting Synched !

Every Friday 6-8pm AEST (Sydney Time)
Partnering with Last Minute Productions


In honour of the first official release on Eating Music, OE and the team have released a digital OE Bandana NFT.

This one of fifty digital pattern has the new single embedded and will unlock new possibilities and access in the future. Don’t Doubt ! and Don’t miss out !


|| An Asthmatix Collaboration ||

The video to The Asthmatix track ft. Steelo ‘Send a Sign’  is still in the edit suite. Expect to see Steelo’s mug mixed into this beautiful composition by Milan from SOM.

|| The Bone Idols
Archive ||

I would archive, with the greatest of reverence the release of Keep On, our lead track with Aphletik that featured UK stalwart Ty.

Of all the songs we worked on, this grew the most organically from MPC beat to finished vinyl, it also did that most tricky of dances; it transmitted positive vibes without being corny.

Slipped in as a footnote would be the first time I heard it on the radio, on a sticky summer’s day – it getting rewound three times in a row.

– The Bone Idols

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